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Please put your link at here and I will be added to My Blogroll and My Blogdetik also My Technorati Favorite link. Don’t forget to add My link on your blog. Thanks you.

This blog using dofollow plugin.

18 thoughts on “Backlink Follow

  1. [… I had an intermittent problem with my comments where the actual comment text was not appearing. I finally tracked it down to the Dofollow plugin and removed it today. I still actually want to rid my site of rel=nofollow on authors and comments, though. If you would like to read why, here’s a post on what rel=”nofollow” is and how it works …]

  2. Iya, mbok pakai Do Follow plugin saja. Jadi otomatis ditiap comment 😉

    … Terlalu banyak plugins katanya tambah berat? Bener gak? Tapi memang lebih praktis pake plugin, sewaktu upgrade wordpress gak report mesti ngedit file secara manual.

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